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Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
I was born in Toronto, where I went to OCAD and worked mainly as a painter. In the 90's, we moved East and I taught myself woodcarving. Nowadays, that's pretty much what I do full-time. I currently live and work in my studio in Port Perry, Ontario. Basically, I make stuff out of wood, using big, loud power-tools and sharp objects. So far, I still have all my fingers. For information about my work, contact me at dtrant@powergate.ca Also, check out the links below, to galleries that carry my work throughout the year.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Muskie (muskellunge) woodcarving sculpture

Local cedar. Approx. 37" long. Poplar fins, Acrylic paint.


  1. Hi there! We own (and love) one of your pieces (black crappie) and I know my husband would LOVE this. Can I order / buy this if it's still available? Thanks! Erin

    1. Sorry I didn't see the comment earlier! (I don't get many comments!) The muskie is at the Craft Ontario Shop (formerly The Guild Shop) on Cumberland street in Toronto. 416-921-1721

  2. How do I get one of these?

    (262) nine zero three 26 three five

    1. I do take commissions, and that muskie is currently at the Craft Ontario Shop, in Toronto. My email is dtrant@powergate.ca for further details.