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Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I graduated from OCAD in Toronto, back in the early 90's and have been working as a sculptor and a painter ever since. I started out as a landscape painter, but over the past 20 years, my main focus has been woodcarving, and what I like to call "Pop culture folk art". Think, Folk-Art, meets Fine Art, meets Bugs Bunny. This comes from East coast roots, being around wooden boats, and growing up in a big city, with all its influences. Originally working in clay, before switching to wood, I applied many of the same techniques, and developed what I like to call..."The Mr. Potato-Head, school of woodcarving. Basically, I make a big shape, and stick parts onto it. I sell in a number of great galleries, and take commissions. I currently live and work at my studio in Port Perry, Ontario, where I make strange, and fun stuff out of wood, using big, loud, dangerous power-tools and sharp objects. For information about my work, contact me at dtrant@powergate.ca Also, check out the links below, to galleries that carry my work throughout the year.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New brook trout woodcarving. Oct. 2013.

3 layers of 2" pine, laminated and cut out on the bandsaw. Shaped with an Arbourtech and sanding machines. Details with a variety of flex shaft Dremel tools. Fins are poplar and they eyes are maple.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

New woodcarvings of cats and fish!!

 Wooden pumpkinseed sunfish. 12X12.
 Canadian cuisine.
Couch cats.