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Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
I was born in Toronto, where I went to OCAD and worked mainly as a painter. In the 90's, we moved East and I taught myself woodcarving. Nowadays, that's pretty much what I do full-time. I currently live and work in my studio in Port Perry, Ontario. Basically, I make stuff out of wood, using big, loud power-tools and sharp objects. So far, I still have all my fingers. For information about my work, contact me at dtrant@powergate.ca Also, check out the links below, to galleries that carry my work throughout the year.

Monday, February 3, 2014

coleocanth woodcarving, sculpture in progress.

The Coelacanth is a fish once thought extinct tor 100 million years, until discovered alive and well, in 1938. I've never seen one, so I'm making one.

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  1. Great! So cool to see this! Thanks for sharing ...